Item Synonyms Description
Fantasy Seedless blue-black skinned, seedless, large oval fruit that is firm and very sweet. Ripens mid-season.
Flame Seedless red-skinned, seedless, small to medium-sized, round fruit with crunchy bite and mild sweetness. Ripens early to mid-season, early summer through fall.
Flame Tokay red-skinned, seedless, large to very large, oblong fruit with crisp, juicy, sweet flesh. Ripens midseason, early fall through late fall.
Fredonia A blue-black Concord-type grape with very large berries that ripen about two weeks Concord. The flavor typified by Concord which is so desirable for juice and jelly, is lacking in Fredonia, yet Fredonia is utilized for both juice production as well as roadside table grape sales. With careful pruning, vigor and production may approach Concord levels. The fruit clusters are susceptible to downy mildew.
Frontenac A recently released red wine grape (Landot 4511 x V. riparia) from the University of Minnesota, 1996. The vine is extremely vigorous, productive, and cold hardy. Foliage and fruit are highly resistant to downy mildew, and the fruit are resistant to Botrytis bunch rot. High sugar levels along with high acidity are typical at harvest. The acidity usually requires some adjustment during the wine-making process. Wines have been characterized by some tasters as having deep color with elderberry, cherry, and perfumy notes. Other tasters have found it to be too vinous and candy-like. More information on Frontenac
Frontenac Gris A grey-fruited sport of Frontenac used to make white wines. The vine has essentially the same vineyard characteristics as Frontenac. However, the wine is quite different, said to have peach, apricot, pineapple and citrus aromas, with no herbaceous or labrusca character. This variety has not been tested at the Geneva Experiment Station.