Item Synonyms Description
GE Neri The GE Neri Fig produces exceptionally large purple skinned figs with sweet reddish flesh. Some resources tout this as the world's largest fig. GE Neri is an Italian fig and is still relatively new to the US.
Genovese Bianco A delicious yellowish fig with two crops. High quality.
Genovese Nero One of the very best with a special delicate taste and very juicy, you can almost eat with a spoon. Large to very large dark purplef fig. It has two crops. Hardy in cold climate, it is a very good producer and a good pot plant.
Gillete A large yellow, quite sweet and very heavy bearer. Two crops. The frost never seems to injure the crop.
Gomera An excellent medium redish brown fig from Gomera Island. Many brebas.
Gordal A very large, redish, honey type fig from Spain.
Green Ischia Ischia Fig is a heavy producer of small to fairly large fruit that ripens to greenish yellow and has a rich flavor. It is well suited to container culture.
Grise Olivette A very tasty, large, bluish fig from France.
Grise Saint Jean An excellent dark,small to medium fig. It's a heavy bearer with 2 crops.
Grosse de Monstrueuse de Lipari Grosse de Monstreusse de Lipari figs have light green or yellow skin with splashes of chestnut brown coloring on some individuals. Inside the fruit is a bright red pulp with an intense berry flavor. Some have described the flavor as raspberry, but there is also a bit of acidity that gives Grosse de Monstreuse de Lipari a kick. The fig has a thicker skin and a good seed crunch.