Item Synonyms Description
Mademoiselle de deux Saisons An excellent, yellow-redish , juicy fig. Good for colder climate (-13°c). Earlier type with some brebas.
Magnolia Also known as Brunswick. Magnolia or Brunswick produces a good crop of medium to large bronze to purple figs with good quality pink to amber flesh with tiny seeds and open eye. The fruit ripens over a long season. Magnolia is considered a good choice for the drier portions of the South and Southwestern US.
Manresa A classic dark fig, with a classic fig flavor. Nearly black when ripe with a pink interior. Mid season ripening and moderately productive.
Marseilles Marseille Fig was a favorite of Thomas Jefferson's. It produces small to medium sized figs which ripen to yellow or greenish yellow and have a sweet, rich amber flesh. The fruit may be eaten fresh, dried, or preserved. A popular west coast variety as well as in the southeastern US.
Martineca De Cartagena A large elongated greenish yellow, very sweet fig. Early in season.
Marylane Seedless An outstanding seedless white fig with very sweet and excellent flavor. Rated high quality. It's size is from medium to large.
Maximino An excellent purplish black fig with early season and 2 crops.
Mega Celeste Imagine Celeste on steroids as Mega Celeste produces medium to large figs with a flavor nearly as rich and sweet as its namesake. The large pear shaped to turbinate figs have a dark violet skin with white flesh and a dark purplish-red pulp. The eye is small but open and the figs are resistant to spoiling and splitting. Mega Celeste is known to produce a breba crop. This is a likely, but as of yet unconfirmed, unofficial LSU release from Dr. O'Rourke's breeding program.
Melanzana A rich flavor, super qality, reddish brown large fig from Italy. Its tree is very vigorous. the breba first crop is huge. It ripens early. Good pot plant.
Mollar Blanca A very sweet and tender white fig with 2 crops and an early season.
Monstreuse An excellent, medium to large, green-redish fig. Two crops.
Moscatel Branco A medium to large, greenish white fig with very good honey flavor.