Item Synonyms Description
Pajarera A very sweet, medium fig with great flavor, known as the bird fig.
Palito An outstanding large white flat fig from Portugal.
Panache Also known as Tiger. A small to medium fig with yellow stripes on the skin and stem.One of the best tasting figs, with a berry taste.It's a conversation piece.
Paneta A very sweet greeen fig with 2 crops and early producer.
Paradisa From Nocerna, Italy.
Paradiso Bianco An excellent, cold resistan, juicy green medium to large fig.
Paradiso Nero A brownish red medium to large fig. Second crop has excellent flavor. Good pot plant.
Pasquale Also known as Vernino. A very heavy cropper with small dark purplish black figs. Delicious, sweet flavor, late to mature. Not hardy.
Pastiliere Also known as Hirta du Japon. A medium to very large red purple fig from Japan, good pot plant.
Peter's Honey A medium, very sweet, lemon yellow fig. Good tree for growing in a pot.
Petite Negri A good flavourfull medium to large black fig .Good to plant in pot.
Petrelli A very sweet white fig with very large brebas. Medium main crop. It's the same as San Giovanni but ripes 2 weeks early.
Pezon Largo A very sweet and early purplish black figs, elongated , with 2 crops.
Pied de Bouef A large greenish ti to light brown fig, has two crops. Early ripe and a lot of breba.
Pingo de Mel A large to very large white fig, high quality, honey fig from Portugal.
Portuguese East Mountain An excellent cold resistant, medium black fig