Item Synonyms Description
Bailey's Early Black Soft, fibrous, fairly juicy. Sweet. Medium stone.
Bear Creek Early Firm, sweet, keeps well.
Bedford Prolific Heart-shaped, soft, juicy, fair to good flavour.
Belle Agathe Roundish ovoid. Very firm, fibrous.
Bianca di Verona Bred for ease of mechanical havesting.
Bigarreau de Mezel Heart-shaped. A little fibrous, moderately juicy, good flavour.
Bigarreau de Schrecken Heart-shaped. Firm, juicy. Good flavour.
Bigarreau Gaucher Roundish. Quite firm. Good flavour. Fruit transports well.
Bigarreau Jaboulay Heart-shaped. A little fibrous, juicy, sweet. Good flavour. Stone large.
Bigarreau Moreau Roundish. Quite firm, sweet, juicy. Popular commercially.
Bigarreau Napoleon Long heart-shaped. Very firm, moderate juice, sweet, rich flavour.Stone large. Grown commercially for processing.
Bigarreau Reverchon Heart-shaped. Very firm, juicy, good quality. Grown commercially.
Bing Roundish. Very firm and crisp. Good flavour. Aromatic. Juicy. Important comercially in the US.
Black Cluster Soft, juicy, quite good quality.
Black Downton Roundish. Soft, not fibrous, juicy, rich flavoured good quality. Black skin has a paler stripe.
Black Eagle Roundish heart-shaped. Firm, not fibrous, juicy, sweet, rich flavour, good quality. Fairly small stone.
Black Elton Longish heart-shaped. Soft, slightly fibrous, juicy, good to very good quality.
Black Heart Heart-shaped. Soft, juicy, sweet, fair to good quality.
Black Oliver Roundish to heart-shaped. Fairly soft, fibrous, juicy, fair to good quality.
Black Republican A parent of Bing Cherry, Black Republican Cherry Tree is produces large, sweet, dark red fruit that is prized for its intense Black Cherry flavor. Well adapted to our Northwest growing conditions, Black Republican bears abundant crops and is still grown commercially.
Black Tartarian Long ovoid. Firm, not very fibrous, juicy, sweet, rich flavour. Good to very good quality. Stone small.
Bolium Oval. Soft, a little fibrous, juicy, fair quality, slightly tangy-swet. Stone medium.
Bowyer Heart Roundish. Firm, a little fibrous, juicy, very sweet, good quality. Large stone.
Bradbourne Black Heart-shaped. Firm, juicy, good rich flavour, quality good. Medium stone.
Brooks Firm, fibrous, sweet, excellent balanced flavour. Stone nearly free.
Burcombe Soft, fibrous, juicy, sweet. Good for bottling.
Burlat Heart-shaped. Moderately firm, juicy, sweet. Stone semi-free.
Burr's Seedling Short heart-shaped. Firm, a little fibrous, juicy, good quality.
Buttners Rote Roundish. Soft, fibrous, juicy, sweet, good quality.
Buttners Spate Rote Knorpelkirsche Heart-shaped. Very firm, crisp, moderately juicy, very sweet and aromatic.