Item Synonyms Description
Nabigos Very good flavour.
Nalina Heart-shaped. Moderately firm, juicy, sweet, slightly acid and aromatic.
Namare Very good flavour.
Namosa Roundish. Moderately firm, sweet, aromatic.
New Star Round. Quite firm, sweet, aromatic. Stone semi-free.
Noble Oval-heart shaped. Fairly juicy, fair to good quality. Stone large, almost free.
Noir de Guben Round-oblong. Very firm, very good flavour, juicy, good to very good quality. Stone medium, not free.
Noir de Meched Roundish-oval. Firm, very good quality.
Noir de Schmidt Short-heart-shaped. Firm, a little fibrous, fairly juicy, fair quality.
Norbury's Early Black Short heart-shaped. Fairly soft, a little fibrous, fair to good quality.
North Star A morello-type tart cherry developed specifically for growing in the colder zones of North America.
Norwegian Roundish-oblong. Soft, not fibrous, fairly juicy, sweet, good quality.
Nutberry black Roundish-heart-shaped. Firm, sweet, juicy, fair to good quality. Stone medium.