Item Synonyms Description
Lambert Heart shaped. Firm, slightly fibrous, juicy, good flavour.
Lapins Roundish heart-shaped. Quite firm, sweet, juicy, slightly acid, good flavour.
Large Black Round. Soft, fibrous, mederately juicy, fair quality. Stone small.
Late Amber Very similar to Kentish Bigareau.
Late Black Bigarreau Roundish heart-shaped. Very firm, fibrous, quite juicy, fair quality. Stone medium.
Lester Roundish heart-shaped. Soft, juicy, good quality. Stone small.
Linda Very juicy, firm, excellent flavour.
Longley's Black Eagle Oval. Soft, juicy, good quality.
Ludwig's Bigarreau Roundish heart-shaped. Soft, fibrous, juicy, fair to good quality.
Luisley Early Black Roundish-oblong. Soft, fairly juicy, very sweet, good quality. Stone very small.