Item Synonyms Description
Rainier Firm, juicy, good flavour. Stone small to medium, fairly free.
Ramon Oliva Conical heart-shaped. Soft, sweet, fair flavour, very juicy, quite good quality. Stone large and adherent.
Red Cluster Round. Soft, a little fibrous, very juicy, fair quality.
Regina Flattish-round. Firm, juicy, sweet, aromatic, good flavour.
Reidern 2nd Early Black Roundish oval. Fairly soft, not fibrous, juicy, often slightly bitter, fair quality.
Reis Black Round. Firm, moderately juicy, sweet, good quality.
Rockport Bigarreau Heart-shaped. Soft, very sweet, juicy, good to very good quality. Stone medium.
Rodmersham Seedling Roundish heart-shaped. Firm, fibrous, not very juicy, fair to good quality. Stone large.
Ronaldamp39s Heart A synonym for Roundel Heart.
Ronald's Heart Heart-shaped. Soft, little fibrous, juicy, good quality.
Ron's Seedling Firm, slightly fibrous, juicy, very good flavour. Stone small, semi-free.
Roundel Heart Heart-shaped. Fairly soft, sweet, very good flavour, very juicy, excellent quality. Stone plump, medium size.
Royal Anne A vigorous, well-shaped tree. Heavy bearer of gold cherries with a bright red cheek, firm flesh, and sweet flavor. Excellent for fresh eating and canning – even making your own Maraschino cherries! Originated as Napoleon Bigarreau from Iowa in 1847. Ripens in late June.
Royal Queen Round. Very firm, not fibrous, juicy, sweet, good quality.
Royal Rainier produce large yellow cherries with a faint red blush. pollinated with a Bing, Lapins or Black Tartarian. U.S. Plant Patent No. 10790. (Expired)
Royalton Roundish-oblong. Firm, excellent flavour and quality.