Item Synonyms Description
Kansas Sweet Sweet, firm, juicy.
Karabodur Heart shaped. Firm, sweet, very good flavour.
Kassin's Fruhe Herz Round heart shaped. Firm, a little fibrous, juicy, good quality.
Katalin Heart shaped. Firm, good sweet/acid balance.
Kent Bigarreau Heart shaped. Firm, sweet, juicy, rich flavour. Stone small to medium.
King Does not form doubles.
Kirtland's Mary Crisp with a rich flavour.
Knight's Bigarreau Roundish heart shaped. Firm, juicy, sweet, good quality. Stone small.
Kordia Heart shaped. Firm, excellent slightly spicy flavour. Good balance of sweetness and acidity.
Kristin Firm, juicy, sweet, aromatic. Very good quality. Small stone.