Item Synonyms Description
Early Amber Roundish heart-shaped. Firm, fairly juicy, fair quality. Stone large.
Early Birchenhayes Roundish-oblong. Soft, somewhat fibrous, fairly juicy, sweet, good quality. Small stone.
Early Burlat Moderately firm, excellent flavour. Important comercially in North America.
Early Cluster Soft, juicy, fair to average quality, sometimes bitter. Stone large.
Early Purple Gean Heart-shaped. Soft, juicy.
Early Rivers Heart-shaped. Soft, melting, very juicy, sweet. Good flavour and quality when fully ripe. Stone small.
Early Ruby Sweet.
Elton Heart Very pointed heart-shaped. Very soft, juicy, sweet, very good flavour. Stone large.
Emperor Francis Round heart-shaped. Firm, juicy, sweet, rich flavour, good quality. Stone small.