Item Synonyms Description
Maiden's Blush Long heart shaped. Very soft, very juicy, somewhat watery. Stone small.
Malizia Heart shaped. Firm, crisp, juicy, very good flavour.
Malling Black Eagle Round. Firm, fairly juicy, sweet, good quality.
Margit Flattish-round. Very firm, very good flavour.
Mazzards See Dun, Large Black, Preserving, Small Black Mazzards.
Merchant Good flavour.
Mermat Good quality.
Merton Bigarreau Heart-shaped. Firm, juicy, very good flavour, good quality. Stone small.
Merton Bounty Oval. Fairly firm, sweet, juicy, fair quality.
Merton Crane Heart-shaped. Sweet, rich falvour when fully ripe, juicy, good quality.
Merton Favourite Short heart-shaped. Sweet, good flavour, juicy, good quality. Stone small.
Merton Glory A early/mid-season English white cherry.
Merton Heart Long heart-shaped. Fairly firm, sweet, excellent flavour, juicy, good quality. Stone large.
Merton Late Very firm, juicy, good flavour..
Merton Marvel Heart-shaped. Firm, juicy.
Merton Premier Heart-shaped. Soft, sweet, good flavour, juicy, excellent quality.
Merton Reward Heart-shaped. Firm, juicy, good flavour. Stone small.
Montmorency The classic tart cherry variety for American cherry pie.
Mora di Cazzano Roundish heart-shaped. Very firm, crisp, juicy, sweet and slightly acid.
Morello The most widely-grown sour cherry
Mumford's Black Long heart-shaped. Soft, fibrous, fairly sweet and juicy, fair quality. Stone medium.