Item Synonyms Description
California Advance Roundish. Soft, fibrous, moderately juicy, fair to good quality.
Carnation C Roundish. Soft, a little fibrous, juicy, very good quality.
Caroon Long heart-shaped. Soft, a little fibrous, juicy, good quality. Stone large.
Castor Round to heart-shaped. Softens rapidy during ripening, flavour aromatic, good.
Cavalier Also known as Rynbrandt. A medium to large fruited, early season cherry. Picks easily and resists cracking.
Celeste Round. Moderately firm, very good flavour, rich in soluble solids.
Centennial Roundish-oblong. Firm, not fibrous, juicy, sweet. Good quality.
Cerise Libjejice Round. Soft, fibrous, fairly juicy. Fair to good quality.
Chapman B Roundish. Firm, fibrous, juicy, sweet. Good quality.
Chinook Roundish-heart shaped. Firm, sweet, fairly acidic.
Circassian Oblong. Firm, fibrous, sweet, juicy. Very good flavour. Small stone.
Cleveland Bigarreau Roundish-heart shaped. Firm, fairly juicy, sweet. Fair to good quality.
Colney Firm, average to good flavour. Skin colour is black/purple.
Compact Lambert
Corum Firm, sweet.
Craig's Crimson Firm, good flavour.
Cryall's Seedling Round. Soft, not fibrous, juicy, sweet. Good quality. Small stone.