Item Synonyms Description
Waterloo Roundish/heart-shaped. Fairly soft, a little fibrous, moderately juicy, good flavour, very good quality. Stone small.
Wellington A Heart-shaped. Soft, a little fibrous, very juicy, good quality. Stone large.
Wellington B Heart-shaped. Soft, rather fibrous, juicy, fair quality.
Werder's Early Black Roundish heart-shaped. Fairly sweet, moderately juicy, sweet, good quality. Stone small to medium.
West Midlands Bigarreau Round/heart-shaped. Firm, sweet, juicy, good quality. Stone small.
Whitegold A sweet cross with great looks and taste. This heavy-cropping tree is the offspring of Emperor Francis and Stella parents. Tree bears gorgeous yellow-blushed-red sweet cherries that mature in mid cherry-season. Disease-resistant to brown rot, bacterial canker, and black knot. Resists cracking. Developed in Geneva, New York, introduced circa 2003. Ripens in mid June. Self-pollinating. Patented.
White Heart Heart-shaped. Very soft, fibrous, fairly juicy, sweet, fair quality. Stone large.
Windsor Roundish heart-shaped. Moderately firm to soft, juicy, good quality.