Item Synonyms Description
Garden Bing Flesh sweet. Good flavour.
Garnet Roundish. Sweet, good flavour.
Geante de Hedelfingen Roundish oval. Firm, not very fibrous, very juicy, good quality, slight almond flavour. Stone oval, large, clinging.
Germersdorfer Firm, crisp, juicy, aromatic balanced flavour, sweet, slightly acid.
Giant Roundish oblong. Very sweet and juicy, rich flavour.
Giorgia Heart shaped. Firm, sweet, juicy. Grown commercially.
Glacier Heart shaped.
Gold Grown in USA for brining and processing.
Golden Boy Soft, juicy, sweet.
Golden Sweet Flesh firm. Used extensively for maraschino processing.
Goodman Gold Tangy flavour.
Goodnestone Black roundish or short heart shaped. Fairly soft, moderately juicy, fair quality. Stone large.
Governor Wood Roundish heart shaped. Soft, sweet, juicy, fairly good flavour. Stone medium.
Great Bigarreau Long heart shaped. Firm, fairly juicy, good quality. Stone large.
Greenstem Black Round, soft, fibrous, moderately juicy, sweet.
Grosse Lauermannamp39s Kirsche A synonym for Bigarreau Napoleon.
Grosse Schwarze Knorpelkirsche Heart shaped. Very firm, crisp, very good quality. Still grown commercially.
Guigne d'Annonay Roundish. Soft, sweet, juicy, slightly sub-acid. Stone clinging.