Item Synonyms Description
Sam Firm, average flavour. Used as a pollinator.
Sandra Heart-shaped. Moderately firm and juicy, very good flavour. Stone semi-free.
Schauenburger Heart-shaped. Firm, sweet, acid and aromatic. Skin colour is brownish-black.
Schmidt Firm, sweet, rich flavour, good quality.
Seabright Soft, high quality, juicy.
Sealand 2nd Early Black Long-oval. Soft, not fibrous, juicy, good quality. Stone small.
Seneca Cylindrical. Fairly soft, juicy, sweet, fair quality.
Small Black Round. Soft, fibrous, moderately juicy, fair quality. See also Mazzards.
Smoky Dun Long heart-shaped. Soft, moderately juicy, fair to good quality. Stone very large.
Smoky Heart Short pear-shaped. Fairly soft and juicy, not fibrous, often slightly bitter, fair quality.
Smutts Very tangy, but sweet by August.
Solymari Gombolyu Roundish heart-shaped. Firm, very good flavour.
Somerset Heart-shaped. Firm, well-balanced strong flavour.
Spate Braun Firm, crisp, good flavour.
Star Moderately firm, good flavour.
Starking Hardy Giant Roundish heart-shaped. Firm, juicy, very good flavour. Very susceptible to viruses.
Starkrimson Firm, juicy, good quality. Self -fertile mainly grown domestically.
Star Stella Firm, juicy.
Stella Heart-shaped. Fairly firm, good flavour, juicy, good quality. Stone small. Self-fertile.
Stella Compact Compact version of Stella, as its name suggests.
St Margaret Heart-shaped. Firm, very good flavour, excellent preserving qualities.
Strang Loggie Ovoid. Firm, fibrous, moderately juicy, good quality.
Strawberry Heart Heart-shaped. Slightly firm, fibrous, juicy, fair quality. Large stone.
Sue Firm, sweet, rich flavour.
Sugar Sweet Sweet.
Summer Sun One of the best cherry varieties for cool-temperate climates.
Summit Heart-shaped. Moderatley firm, very sweet and aromatic, good flavour. Stone small.
Sumpaca A synonym for Celeste.
Sumtare A synonym for Sweetheart.
Sunburst Round. Firm, juicy, aromatic, very good flavour, Self fertile.
Sutton's Prolific Round. A little firm, somewhat fibrous, juicy, good quality.
Sutton's Purple Round. Fairly soft, not very juicy, subacid and sometimes a little bitter, becoming sweet and of fair quality.
Sweet Ann Sweet.
Sweetheart Firm, good flavour. Self fertile.
Sylvia Firm, good flavour.
Szomolyai Fekete Roundish-heart shaped. Semi-firm, juicy, very aromatic, good flavour.