Item Synonyms Description
H 53-F 15-16
Haas Green-yellow ribbed fruit with red stripes. Tender white flesh sometimes stained red. Qunce-like texture.
Hadlock ReinetteHahns Seedling
Halberstadte Jungefernapfel
Half Acre
Hall “Southern nurseries widely sold this great tasting apple which is smaller and a late good keeper, green with red; this apple had been most frequently mentioned in Tennessee at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains; but I finally found a tree in Alexander Co., NC.”
Hall Keeper
Halls Pink
Hambledon Deux Ans Sharp or Bittersharp Cider
Hampshire Fruits are large and uniformly round to oblate with 100% red blush with little striping. Skin is thin and tough, flesh creamy white, slow to discolor. Subacid, yet mildly sweet, sprightly, good aromatics. Has excellent storage life.
Hampshire Beauty A synonym for Beauty of Hampshire.
Hanbury A synonym for Langton's Nonsuch.
Hanners Hybred (Giant)
Hanns Seedling
Hansens #2
Hansons Red Flesh
Hans Trio
Hanwell Souring
Haralred Selection of Red Haralson. Earlier, redder, and sweeter, without the common russeting problem many Haralsons have. Juicy, tart, firm flesh. Good keeper. Haralred is the tradename, the variety name is Lautz.
Haralson Good baking, eating and cider apple. Flesh is crisp, juicy, firm. Mildly tart flavor, not acid. Holds its shape and texture in baking. Retains good flavor in keeping. Malinda X Wealthy, yellow and red striped, Vigorous and productive tree. Firm, white flesh. Mild, pleasant taste; good for cooking and cider. Moderate resistance to fireblight. Late-midseason
Harcourt Fair quality.
Hardy Cumberland
Hargraves Greensweet
Harolds Large
Harrison cider
Harry Masters Jersey A traditional English cider apple variety, producing a bittersweet juice.
Hartwell Soaring
Harvest Gold
Hauer Pippin Large, crisp, hard, juicy, tasty, tart apple
Haunted House
Hauxapfel Known as a cider apple, very good for cooking and baking. Excellent eating for those who enjoy a crisp, tart apple. Medium to large fruit. Red stripes over green skin.
Hawaii Gourmet dessert apple with a flavor and aroma like pineapple. Large, yellow fruit with light pinkish orange striping gives overall orange appearance. Exceptionally sweet flavor is largely influenced by Gravenstein.
Hawkeye Delicious This is the original Delicious, the one that earned the name. This genuine original strain of the world's most widely grown apple has never been improved on as far as eating quality is concerned, superior to all spur types. 1870 Iowa (town of peru) on the farm of Jesse Hiatt.
Hawkeye Greening
Hawley Large fruit with smooth, waxy skin, greenish yellow in color with an inconspicuous brown blush.   Russet dots and flecks cover most of the surface, especially toward the cavity and the stem is about 3/4" long in a wide, deep cavity. The flesh is yellowish white, fine-grained, soft, juicy and subacid.
Hayes Green
Hayes Orange
Hayherst Gold
Hayne's Seedling Excellent quality and a fine keeper. Green shading to pale yellow when ripe.
Haywood June
Hazen Large round dark red fruit. Greenish yellow, medium firm, juicy, very sweet flesh; mildly subacid flavor. Pleasant for eating, good dessert and cooking apple. Named after both the nearby town of Hazen, and Dean Arlon Hazen, the Director of the North Dakota Experiment Station. Duchess X Starking Delicious, red, Produces a naturally semi-dwarfed tree. Pleasant taste, flesh firm juicy, slightly coarse grained. Similar to Beacon. Early to early-midseason
Hedwigiae (Red Wood)
Helmsley Market
Hendrick Sweet
Henrietta Crosby
Henry Clay Yellow and red fruit is similar to Yellow Transparent. Medium size, shaped flat to intermediate. Ribbed at eye and on the body, often asymmetric. Skin green with pinkish orange flush, russet dots and occasional russet patches. Flesh is soft, juicy, greenish white, flavor slightly acid.
Henry Mortons Banana
Henrys Golden Keeper
H.E.R 3T166
Hereford Redstreak hard cider
Herefordshire Beefing
Herefordshire Redstreak An old English cider variety producing a bittersharp juice. Although grown commercially in the 18th century, it was almost unknown by the mid-19th century. The Improved Redstreak variety in the UK National Fruit Collection is assumed to be an example of the original variety.
Herefordshire Russet A modern take on the classic Egremont Russet, keeps the sweetness but has a slightly richer more aromatic flavour and slightly less russeting.
Herrings Pippin Excellent eating and cooking apple. Fruit large, deep green, colored crimson on one side. Flesh crisp but tender when ripe. Spicy flavor, pleasing aroma.
Hews Crab aka Virginia Crab, used in cider, produces a high quality one variety juice
Heyer 12 Russian, greenish yellow, Super hardy. Fruit medium size, juicy, acid, moderately coarse. Good for sauce and pies. Tree very vigorous, does well where few other varieties survive. Bears at young age. Early to early-midseason
Heyer 2
Heyer 20 Medium to medium large yellowish green apple with a crisp, juicy, sweet flavor.
Heyer 6
H.F.R. (Perdue)
Hidden Rose A synonym for Airlie Red Flesh. Airlie, Oregon. Marketed later as Hidden Rose and this is now the most popular name. Medium sized conical apple with pink to red mottled flesh and a yellowish skin. One of the best red fleshed varieties. Ripens mid September in Kansas.
Hightop Sweet
High Yellow
Hillieri Crab
Himbeerapfel Aus Holowaus
Histon Favourite One of a number of apple varieties developed by the Chivers family, who owned a well-known jam manufacturing business in Histon, Cambridgeshire. Histon Favourite is a late-season eating apple, which according to Taylor achieved "medium prices only" in local markets.
Hoary Morning Sharp or Bittersharp Cider
Hog Pen
Hog Sweet This ia a very old southern mountain apple. Once thought to be extinct, this apple is yellow in color, very sweet and would be good to mix with tart apples in making cider. This apple would also be fine for eating out of hand, if you like a sweet apple. Ripens from late July to early August.
Hokuto Fruit is large, round in shape with red stripes on a yellowish background. Pale yellow flesh with high sugar and excellent flavor.
Holaart Doux
Holiday High quality fine flavored eating apple. It has inherited the good eating qualities of it's parents with the rich flavor of Jonathan and the white juicy flesh of Macoun. Shiny bright red over yellow skin with a prominent dotting.
Hollander Prinz
Holland Pippin A synonym for Broad-eyed pippin.
Holland Winter
Hollow Log This flavorful and colorful apple originated in Rutherford County, North Carolina at an unknown date. It is a very late bloomer thus escaping most late spring frosts. As described by Valdesian Nurseries of Bostic, NC, in the 1920’s, it is a “large fruit, deep yellow in color, tender, crisp, very juicy and with a most delicious, aromatic, spicy flavor.” Ripens late June and can be picked into August.
Hollow Stem
Holly Large outstandingly beautiful apple has the color of the holly berry. Its shape is conic, sometimes having a blockish appearance. The glossy skin is evenly blushed with pinkish to deep, solid red. The creamy white flesh is mild in flavor, juicy and quite sweet, similar to Delicious. It keeps well until January. Fruit hangs well on the tree.
Holstein 1918 Hamburg, Germany. Holstein is an open-pollinated seedling of Cox Orange Pippin. It is a medium size, somewhat russeted, deep yellow fruit with a reddish-orange blush. Very juicy and aromatic with intense flavor.
Homer Wards China Doll
Home Sweet
Honey Ball An early cider variety of unknown origin. Very sweet and slightly astringent in flavor.
Honey Child
Honey Cider In the mid-1970s famed apple collector Elwood Fisher found this apple growing in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. A great cider and dessert apple.
Honeycomb Sweet
Honeycrisp Sometimes marketed as Honey Crisp or Honeycrunch, this is a crisp, and predominantly sweet, modern variety from the USA. It was developed by the University of Minnesota specifically for growers in cold climates, and is one of the most cold-hardy of apple varieties. Macoun X Honeygold.
Honeycrunch A synonym for Honeycrisp.
Honeygold Hardy substitute for Golden Delicious developed especially for cold northern areas. Golden Delicious flavor, Haralson hardiness. Medium to large golden to greenish fruit with very smooth finish and reddish bronze blush. Flavor is sweeter and more bland than Golden Delicious. High quality. Superior storage qualities. Haralson X Golden Delicious
Honey Gold North Pole
Honey Pippin An English Cox-style apple, said to have a "honeyed" flavour.
Honey Sweet (Honey Cider) In the mid-1970’s famed apple collector, Elwood Fisher, discovered this apple growing in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Fruit is medium-sized with pale yellow skin flushed with light pink. The flesh is firm, juicy and very sweet. The tree has an open, spreading growth habit and requires little pruning. The fruit exhibits excellent disease resistance. A great cider and dessert apple. Ripens in August.
Hoople's Antique Gold Stripes against a yellow background, sometimes russeted, medium to large size with russeting. Rich, lightly aromatic flavor, juicy sweet flesh with excellent flavor.
Hopa Crab
Horneburger Pancake A synonym for Horneburger Pfannkuchen.
Horneburger Pfannkuchen A good quality late-season German culinary apple.
Horse Greenish yellow in color usually with a pink blush. The fruit is medium to large. It is very tart until fully ripened. Firm white flesh white stained red. A little tough, sprightly, subacid, aromatic. A widely grown apple most likely originating in North Carolina before 1800. More than any other apple, most older southerners remember the Horse apple. There are several reasons for its widespread popularity. The tree is healthy, grows rapidly, produces large crops of big apples in the middle of summer, makes good cider, and cooks well. The Horse has a flavor unlike others. It is uniquely tart and will disappoint those who like sweet or hard apples. It is however, unforgettable. Fruit size is medium to large, yellow when ripe, possibly red on the sunny side. Flesh is yellow, soft (sometimes firm), and briskly subacid. Ripens late July into August.
Horse Shoe
Hotle Rome
Howard Surprise
Howgate Wonder Very large cooker, not great flavour when cooked but excellent sharp juice
Hua Guan
Hubbard's Pearmain
Hubbardston Nonesuch Large, rugged fruit with red skin, highlight of gold. Flesh hard, crisp yet fine-grained. Sprightly and rich flavor, becoming sweeter when fully ripe.
Huberts Snow
Hudson's Golden Gem Excellent eating apple. Large conical and elongated fruit. Dull yellow russet skin. Crisp, sugary flesh with nutty flavor.
Hue Guan
Humboldt Crab
Hundred Dollar medium to large, round and slightly pointed, smooth yellow skin, tart, ripe September. Originally this tree was purchased from a traveling sales person in Haywood Co., NC in the 1930s.
Hunter Melba 4X
Hunter Ottowa
Hunter Sandow 2-4-4
Hunter Sparton 2-4-4
Hunter Spy 2 4 4
Hunthouse A particularly hardy and productive old cooking apple, originating from the north east coast of Yorkshire.
Hunt Russet Fruit medium sized, golden russet with broken patches of smooth bright red on the cheek. It is quite attractive for a russet apple, excellent in quality and a good keeper. Known to keep in root cellars over a year.
Hurgraver Weinapfel
Husk Spice
Husk Sweet
Hybred Aus Mlevewo
Hyde King
Hyslop Crab red to dark red, White flowers. Yellow-fleshed red crab, good for culinary purposes. Tree upright, vigorous and precocious. Mid to Late season