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Jack King
Jacks Large Russet
Jacks Long Keeper
Jackson's Seedling A synonym for Gladstone.
Jacks Red Gloss
Jacobs English Codlin
Jacobs Sweet
Jade They hang on the tree well into Winter, increasing in sweetness. Jade's virtue lies in its clean brisk flavor with a note of citrus, and very crisp breaking flesh. It's a treat after holiday meals and also makes a fine cider, straight or blended.
Jaeghers Reinette
Jakes Seedling Our friend and fellow apple collector, Lee Calhoun, obtained this apple from Herbert Childress of Kentucky who himself is a collector of heirloom apples. The apple originated in Russell County, Kentucky, on the farm of J. B. Garner. For many years this apple was a county fair prize winner for “Best Apple”. Fruit is medium, slightly conical and somewhat flattened on the ends. The smooth skin is yellowish with a red blush on the sunny side, sometimes entirely red. The greenish-white flesh is crisp. Fine-grained and juicy. Ripens in August.
Jakob Fischer
James Grieve A versatile cooking apple, excellent for juice, and widely used in breeding programmes.
James Grieve Red Rosamun?
James Kirk
Janet Moyle
Jan Steen
Jaune Lu Desert
Jay Darling
Jazz Proof that supermarket apples are no longer bland and boring, Jazz has crisp flesh with a superb rich peardrop flavor.
J C Plum
J Doolings Bonsai
Jeff Cox
Jefferies Choice early fall apple. Thin-skinned fruit, light red with darker red stripes. Flesh is juicy, crisp yet melting. Rich, pear-like flavor.
Jefferis A synonym for Jefferies.
Jelly Flower A truly wonderful apple with a wonderful name, also called Jellyflower Sweet; very large, conical, light golden yellow, almost sweet, ripe October, for general purpose usage; found in Haywood Co., NC, also mentioned in Jackson Co, NC.
Jenner Sweet Fameuse X crab, yellow-red stripes, Good flavored, sweet apple. Similar to Fameuse. Early-midseason
Jenny Beauty
Jersey Black
Jersey Mac Medium sized red apple with yellow/green splashes. Flesh is crisp and juicy with a tart flavor. Does not store well.
Jersey Red
Jersey Sweet
Jesse Applegate
Jesse Hall
Jester An attractive unpretentious apple, crisp and refreshing, nice flavour but rather bland.
Jewel Duchess
Jewets Red (Nodhead)
Jim Dandy
Jim Kell Thin Skin
Jin Guang
J J Big Leaf Yellow
Joe Omalley Gold
Joe Omalley Green
Johannes Bottner
John Apple
John Conner
John Long
Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Cheese
Johnny Nocore
Johnny Voun An old English apple variety, possibly from Devon / Cornwall, possibly a cider apple variety.
John Ryan
Johnson Keeper
Johnsons Fine Winter Neverfail
John Standish
John Wallace
Jonadel Solid medium fruit, orange red streaked color. Flesh is yellowish white and fine grained.
Jonafree Medium size, bright red, fully or nearly fully colored. Flavor is Jonathan-like, but less acid. Keeps 10 weeks.
Jonagold A very popular commercial variety, with a good flavour. Inherits many of the good qualities of its parents Jonathan and Golden Delicious.
Jonagold Daliguy
Jonagold Nicobel
Jonagold Red
Jonagold Rubinstar
Jonagold Wilmuta
Jonagored Conical shaped apple with streaky red blush, crackled with russet that masks large tan lenticels. Light Yellow green flesh. Very juicy and sweet, tempered with a little tartness.
Jonagrimes As the name suggests, Jonagrimes is a cross between Jonathan and Grimes Golden.
Jonalicious The perfect combination of sugar and spice - taste of Red Delicious and the tart freshness of Jonathan. A crisp texture makes it ideal for eating, cooking or fresh eating. Keeps extremely well. 2½ to 3 inch fruit is bright red with yellow under color.
Jonamac Medium size, firm fruit with 90% dark red color over greenish background. Flesh firm, crisp, high quality with flavor similar to McIntosh. Jonathan X McIntosh.
Jonared Flavor similar to Jonath
Jonathan A classic American variety, and widely regarded as one of the best flavoured with a good sweet/sharp balance. A precocious and productive tree in US apple-growing regions.
Jonathan Black
Jonathan Disease Resistant
Jonathan Double Red
Jonathan King Red
Jonathan Nured
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Welday
Jones Favorite
Jonwin It has the crisper texture of the Baldwin combined with the Jonathan's distinctive aromatic flavor, and is a brighter red than either.
Jordan Russet Juicy, hard, red russet. Excellent keeper. Very winter hardy. Makes delicious cider.
Jorgenson Pippin
Jos Musch
Joyce McIntosh X Liveland Raspberry, yellow washed crimson, Juicy, white-fleshed, aromatic. Somewhat similar to McIntosh. Mid to late midseason
Joys Delight
J-TE-B (Czec)
Jubilee One of the lesser-known McIntosh-style apples. A synonym for September Wonder Fuji.
Juicy June Sweet
Juicy Queen
July August Go No Further
July Delicious
July Red Very attractive, large, red fruit. Strongly scented with vinous or loganberry flavor; sweet, soft, juicy, white flesh.
July Stripe (Nerela)
July Tart
Jumbo Stark
Jumbo (TB)
Jumbo Yellow Delicious
Junaluska Medium to large, round to slightly flattened, dull yellow with streaks of russet, some occasional red blush, yellow flesh, ripe October. A historic apple associated with the famous Cherokee, Chief Junaluska.
Junami A new bi-coloured apple from Switzerland, quite similar to Elstar in appearance.
June Park
June Pink
June Red
June Stripe
June Sweeting
June Wealthy
Jungs Golden Russet
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