Item Synonyms Description
Wadhurst Pippin
Wagener One of the best late fall varieties for dessert, sauce, cider, juice and storage. Doesn't shrivel. Medium sized, glossy green, red flushed fruit. White flesh, very crisp, juicy and tender, resembles NorthernSpy in taste.
Walker Pippin
Wallace Sweet
Waltana Medium to large, variable sized green apple with thin red striping and crisp, firm juicy flesh.
Walter Pease A pleasant flavored apple of good size, attractive appearance and excellent dessert quality, too mild for culinary purposes. Fruits striped red, crisp.
Waltz Dark red with green. Tastes like Red Delicious.
Wantage 4 or 5 separate distinct flavors and aromas. It is a fall apple and should be picked with McIntosh. Yellow, conical, medium sized apple.
Warners King
Washed Russet A very large russet apple. Markings and shadings of yellow and bronze russet with patches of clear shiny skin gave it the appearance of having been washed. Crisp, juicy flavorful flesh useful for eating or culinary purposes. Sometimes develops a pronounced reddish brown cheek when exposed to the sun. Discovered by Conrad Gemmer. Heavy, consistent bearer.
Washington Greening
Washington Royal
Washingtons Oldest
Washington Strawberry
Water Core
Water Sweet
Water Valley
Wax Apple
Wax Orange
Wayne Dessert, canning, freezing and sauce apple. Large fruit.
Wayside Wayside is a mid-season dessert apple, probably a seedling of Charles Ross, which it resembles in appearance and flavour.
Wealthy Excellent dessert and multi-use apple, picked a few weeks early for cooking. Beautiful fruit ripens to bright red across the surface. Crisp, juicy flesh. Refreshing, sprightly, vinous flavor. Greenish-yellow striped with bright red, Good tasting when freshly picked and well-suited for sauce and other home processing. Tree stays small and is a heavy bearer. Late ripening. Cherry Crab X Sops of Wine
Wealthy Red
Websters Pink Meat
Weidners Goldreinette
Weirouge A red-fleshed apple variety which has been used as the basis for commercial development of new red-fleshed apples.
Weisser Rosemarinapfel
Weisser Winter Taffetapfel
Welday Jonathan 4X
Wellington red striped, Large fruit ripens all at once. Excellent for sauce, culinary uses and fresh market. Juicy with nice tart flavor. Does best when planted with other early-blooming cultivars, such as McIntosh and Melba. Early ripening. Cortland X Crimson Beauty
Wellington Bloomless
Wellington Reinette A synonym for Dumelow's Seedling.
Western Beauty
Westfield SeeknoFurther Creamy yellow fruit streaked red with some russeting. Crisp, tender, juicy and aromatic flesh with distinctive flavor. Not recommended for cooking.
Westland Large cooking apple. Lightly colored red over pale undercolor. Originating in Brooks, Alberta, this super-hardy cultivar will fruit in the coldest climate. Fruit large, juicy, good for pies and sauce but a bit tart for eating. Not a keeper. Pendulous branching habit. Early ripening. Heyer 12 X Dr. Bill
Wheeler Golden Russet
Wheelers Russet
Whipple Allred
White Angel Crab
White Astrachan Medium fruit size, skin whitish-green. Fine, tender, very white flesh that is sweet, subacid, perfumed. Good crisp very early apple.
White Bansel
White Buckingham large to very large, slightly flattened, greenish yellow to whitish yellow, tart, ripe September; great for apple butter.
White Crofton
White Doyenne
White Harvest
White Horse
White Jersey
White Joaneting
White Melrose
White Moss
White Pearmain
White Pippin
White Pound
White Smokehouse
White Spanish Reinette A truly historic apple (also known as Reinette Blanche D’Espagne) which seems to have disappeared in Britain, as far as named examples are concerned, by the end of the 19th century. Dating back to the early 1600s in Europe. Apples are oblong to conical with glossy skin of pale green, becoming pale lemon, dotted with pale lenticels and with a warm flush in the sun. The stalk is short, obliquely set and often with a fleshy edge, set in a shallow and narrow cavity, with a small amount of smooth brown rayed russet. The eye is small and closed or half open, in a narrow ribbed basin, with erect or recurved sepals. The core is very open to the point of having ‘open plan’ cells. The flesh is pale cream, crisp, fine and very juicy with an excellent sweet and lemony flavor. It is a very refreshing dessert apple. Historic descriptions of it have also accounted it a very good cooking apple. Trees are free spurring, fruit when young and reliably. Pollination Group 4
White Sweet
White Sweet Large
White Transparent A synonym for Yellow Transparent.
White Vandevere
White Winter Calville
White Winter Pearmain Yellow, A fresh eating apple with very high quality flavor and texture. Stores well. Late ripening
Whitney Crab
Whitney Russet
Whitney Russet King
Whitwick Pippin Found in a private garden in Whitwick, Leicestershire...the remarkable property of this apple is that it hangs on the tree almost indefinitely. If netted against birds the fruit will sometimes keep on the tree in reasonable condition until early March. It's a hard textured, long lasting, very late apple, dual purpose; edible as dessert from about Xmas Day. Similar in character to "Croft Late Seedling" but stronger flavour, higher vitamin C and redder in colour. The finder of this variety, Peter Edwards, wants the apple to be known as "Berkin Beauty", after the person who planted the original pip in the mid-fifties. Unfortunately we don't know the parent apple. It appears to be biennial; heavy crop in the 'on' year, a few apples in the 'off' year. They are green skinned with red stripes when in low light.
Wickson Crab Named for the great California fruit authority, this diminuitive crab hybrid is becoming Etters most critically acclaimed variety. Bred from two obscure crab varieties (Spitzenberg Crab X Newton Crab), Wickson typically measures from one and one half to two inches in diameter. An amazing amount of intense flavor is concentrated in this small package..... an extraordinary balance of sugar, acid, and aroma along with a refreshing trace of astringency. Because of its high sugar content (almost 25 points in the juice), Etter recommended this variety for champagne making. It certainly produces an exceptionally rich sweet cider that will sparkle with effervescence when allowed the chance. The small fruit crushes easily in the grinder and gives a very high juice yield. Wickson, however, is much more than a cider apple. Its powerful flavor makes it an extraordinary Sweetmeat confection for adults and sophisticated kids. Striped and flushed red over a cream ground, Wickson ripens here in mid Oc
Wien Crab
Wilders Large Green Yellow
Wild Green
Wild West
William Crump An intensely flavoured English apple, related to Cox and Worcester Pearmain.
Williams Early Red
Williams Favorite The variety originated in Massachusetts in about 1750, but became known as an excellent apple when grown in the South. This prized, early season apple is absolutely beautiful. Conical in shape and medium to large in size, its bright red apples catch the eye of friends and neighbors each July. The tree is disease resistant and the apples are of outstanding quality. The apples are excellent for cooking and eating. The flesh is moderately firm, mostly white, juicy, and mildly subacid. Ripens in early to middle July.
William's Pride Great flavor and disease resistance! This large red striped apple. Apples are 70-80% red with excellent dessert quality with crisp, juicy, sweet-tart and slightly spicy flavor. Keeps well. This semi-spur tree is resistant to apple scab, cedar-apple rust, fire blight and powdery mildew. Ripens early August.
Willie Sharp
Willis Williams
Willow Twig
Wilson Red June
WineCrisp WineCrisp, formerly known as Coop31, is a modern disease-resistant variety developed by the Universities of Prudue, Rutgers and Illinois.
Winesap Often known as Virginia Winesap, a tart small apple, and like many US heirloom varieties, keeps well in store.
Winesap Derman
Winesap Double Red
Winesap Kentucky
Winesap Moores
Winesap Red
Winesap Spur
Winesap Turley
Winesap Virginia
Winston A Cox-style apple, easy to grow.
Winter Banana A very attractive apple that when well grown can have a very faint aroma of fresh bananas. Winter Banana originated around 1876 in Cass Co., Indiana and was introduced as a commercial seller in 1890. Fruit is large and conical in shape. The smooth, tough skin is bright yellow with a pinkish red blush on the sun-exposed side. The whitish flesh is crisp tender, fine-grained and juicy. Ripens September to October.
Winter Blush
Winter Bonum
Winter Cheeks A sweet, crisp red apple with excellent flavor that keeps well.
Winter Cheese
Winter Gem A late-season modern English apple with a good aromatic flavour.
Winter Gold
Winter Green medium to large, round to slightly flattened, white, tart, ripe October. A beautiful apple found in a very old orchard in Yancey Co., NC.
Winter Jon An excellent cooking variety also superb for cider making. Fruit size is small to medium, conical in shape with greenish-yellow skin with an occasional red blush. The whitish flesh is crisp, firm, juicy, aromatic and quite tart. Ripens late November to December and is an excellent keeper.
Winter Keeper
Winter King Great texture and flavor, excellent keeping qualaties, you must thin them in May or you will get vast amounts of tiny fruit. Similar to Granny Smith, but with more flavor.
Winter Majetin
Winter May
Winter Neverfail
Winter Orange
Winter Pearapple
Winter Pearmain
Winter Queen
Winter Queening
Winter Red Flesh Sasha X Redflesh, red, Small, red-fleshed fruit excellent for sauce and jelly. Abundant purple flowers and dark-colored leaves. Late ripening
Winter Spice
Winterstein Attractive, pink/red late apple that has a crisp, flavorful subacid taste.
Winter St Lawrence
Winter Sweet This attractive late fall apple comes from the collection of the late Henry Morton of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Fruit is medium to large, roundish to mostly oblate in shape. The thin, smooth, yellow skin is almost entirely covered with dark red shading with darker red striping. The yellowish-white flesh is very firm, crisp, juicy and very sweet. Ripens in October and is a good keeper.
Winter Sweet Paradise This apple probably originated near Paradise in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and was first mentioned in 1842. It grows well at altitudes of 1200 to 1500 or higher but does not do well in lower altitudes. Very sweet with a pleasant spicy undertone in flavor. Fruit is medium to large with dull green or yellowish skin, sometimes having a slight brownish or purple blush on the sunny side. The white flesh is tender, juicy and sweet and is sometimes said to have pear-like flavor. Ripens in September and is a good keeper.
Winter Sweet Russet
Winter Terry
Winter Transparent
Winter Wonder A modern English variety, developed as a "traditional" English apple.
Winthrop Greening Ichabod Howe Farm, Winthrop, ME, before 1800. Large flattish-oblate beautiful fruit, light green with a red-orange wash, small greenish dots and splashes and ribs of russeting, usually with a patch of russet radiating from the stem. Very sweet interesting flavor, medium-low acidity, with a crunch.
Wismer's Dessert Medium to large yellow fruit shaded and striped with bright red. Intense, rich flavor, sweet-sharp, pineapple acidity. Excellent flavor and exceedingly fine, tender texture. Beatiful red with yellow flesh and aromatic flavor of such fine grain and buttery flavor that one might easily take it for a pear
Witney Russet King
Witos (Polish Resistant)
Wolf River Named after the place where it was found. Notable for its very large size, primarily used for cooking. The tree is exceptionally cold hardy and disease resistant.
Wolf River Buff
Woodbridge 1
Woodbridge 2
Wood Brock
Wood Pile
Woods Favorite Greasey
Woolbrook Russet A cooking apple, related to Bramley's Seedling.
Worcester Cross
Worcester Pearmain A popular early-season English apple, sometimes with a strawberry flavour. Often used in breeding programmes to develop other early varieties.
Worlds Best Favorite apple in Graham Co., NC for all-round use, large, somewhat flattened, green with red stripes, tart, ripe late September
Wyken Pippin Small, flattened, greenish yellow fruit. Brisk, densely fruity. Delicious flavor.
Wynooche Early