Item Synonyms Description
Vagnon Ascher
Vandaver June
Vanderpool Red Medium-small red fruit. Very firm and flavorful. Stays juicy in storage until April.
Vandevere Pippin of Indiana
Van Essletine Crab
Van Houten
Van Hoy No Core
Van Mons Reinette
Varginia Sweet
Vartanian 2
Velma Glow
Venus Pippin
Verns Pippin
Vicks Pick
Victoria Sweet
Victory A McIntosh-style apple. Snow white coarse flesh. Aromatic and juicy with good acidity.
Viking Very deep, dark maroon to purple color. Highly aromatic. Crisp and juicy, richly flavorful with acid component. Outstanding flavor retention when cooked. Does not drop prematurely. Tree a vigorous grower. midseason. Keeps about 1 month.
Vilberie Vilberie is a traditional French hard-cider variety, producing a very tannic but sweet bittersweet juice.
Vinella Pippin
Virginia Beauty medium to large, round and slightly conical, dark blackish red with prominent russet around the stem, mildly tart, ripe October. The most beloved Southern apple. exceptional disease resistance and sweet fruit
Virginia Crab
Virginia Gold Bright yellow fruit with pink blush. Crisp juicy flesh with flavors similar to Newtown Pippin. Should be stored to reach peak flavor. A great pollinator.
Virginia Greening A large, oblate, yellowish-green apple with hard, firm flesh. Valued as a late keeper. Flesh creamy yellow or greenish, very firm, hard, breaking, coarse, moderately juicy, mild, subacid becoming somewhat sweet.
Virginia Pippin
Virginia Sweet A beautiful apple. Very striking apple in appearance with deep, rich red skin, overlaid with large and distinctive irregular russet dots which cover the surface of the fruit. The crisp, juicy white flesh is very sweet and aromatic. Ripens in September.
Vista Bella Blushed red over yellow, Large fruit with creamy white flesh. Good quality dessert apple. Tree upright and spreading. Tends to bear biennially. A very-early season dessert apple. Melba X Senora
Vixen Not quite as large as an ordinary apple, Vixen is still several times the size of Wickson. And while it doesn't have the unprecedented sugar content of Wickson, it does have enough sweetness to render it an excellent eating apple. Vixen ripens several weeks later than its namesake (i.e. early November ) and stands up better to weather.